Extracurricular Life

Looking to get involved? There are always clubs looking for Chemies! Below you will find some traditional ChemEng activities. A full list of clubs/committees/design teams can be found here for EUS and here for SSMU.

The ChESS mentorship program was formed to bridge the gap between upper year and incoming students. If you are interested in joining us as a mentor or as a mentee please register! The more the "Merryer"!!

CHEM-E car brings together a multidisciplinary design team dedicated to building a shoebox-sized car that is powered and stopped by chemical reactions. The car goes through designing and testing phase with the hopes that it can accurately stop at a desired point given a certain amount of chemical. The team regularly goes to competitions abroad after months of diligent work.

ChESS (Chemical Engineering Students’ Society) aka ChemEng council is a student run organization that serves as the link between ChemEng students and the deparment and the EUS as a whole. Council is also essential in creating and organizing (usually free!!!) networking events, review sessions, apartment crawls, and other social events.

ChESS was formed to specifically address the needs of ChemEng students, whatever they may be. More information about what council does and how to join can be found in the ChemEng guidebook.

McGill's NOBE (National Organization for Business and Engineering) chapter helps to bring together the worlds of business and engineering. NOBE hosts networking events as well as career related workshops, with the focus of developing a variety of skills for a future in consulting, finance, or managerial roles.

The McGill Rocket Team is a student-run design team that works on building a rocket to fly in an annual competitions. Students from both inside and outside of the department of engineering participate, with subteams in Management, Aerostructures, Payload, Propulsion, and Avionics. The McGill Rocket Team competes at the Space Port America Cup and won first place overall in 2018.

SEAM (Sustainability in Engineering at McGill) is an EUS subcommittee with the goal of fostering and promoting a culture of sustainability within the Faculty of Engineering at McGill. SEAM has many projects that directly affect the McGill community, such as adding green plants in the McConnell hallway and the implementation of reusable Blues Pub cups. They also host networking events and serve as the resource for the promotion of sustainability within the department.

And Many More!