Mental Health in ChemEng

Staying Healthy in ChemEng

Getting through university, especially in a degree as difficult as Chemical Engineering, can be difficult for a lot of students. However it is important to remember that you are not alone! Below you can find some links and tips to help you stay healthy while here at McGill.

Many students (and even professors!) can suffer from something known as "impostor syndrome". Learn more about what it is below.

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Useful Links

Mental Health at McGill

A booklet intended to provide a comprehensive overview of the mental health resources available on and around campus, specifically how to access them. Written by students.

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The Mental Wellness Map

A map of McGill's downtown campus highlighting resources like study spots and services for well-being. Find your niche!

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EUS Equity Handbook

Learn about many definitions related to equity and accessibility and how those apply to equity in the EUS.

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