Our Council


Matthew Nohos-Katsaros

Helping my council work for you.

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Equity and Mental Health Coordinator

Juliana Ferraro

A wholesome activity a day keeps the anxiety at bay

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U0 Rep

Serena Kim


U1 Rep

Maya Charky

Figuring it all out together


U2 Rep

Jia Sun

Wait... this isn’t chess club?!

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U3 Rep

Ali Beydoun

The first 3 were better

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U4 Rep

Ryan Zelnicker

The U4 rep that’s there 4U

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VP Communications

Leila Megevand

Want more CHESS in your life? Why don't you say so?

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VP Engagement

Kenza Diouri

Find me in the common room arguing chem eng is NOT chemistry.


VP Internal

Tatiana El-Khoury

Let’s hope that the vp in « VP internal » won’t stand for « ViRtUaL pArTiEs » this year


VP External

Sophia Roy

Who can resist some free vin et fromages?

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VP Academic

Gregory Brock

As your VP Academic I advocate for your scholastic and I provide a variety of resources to help you succeed academically. I think my role will be increasingly relevant especially due to the uncertain environment we face – and I sincerely hope I’ll be able to do justice to the role!

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VP Finance

Angel Hebert

Can’t go broke if we keep Zoomin