Our Council

U0 Rep

Luiza Monteiro

Starting from zero, I've got nothing to lose.

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U1 Rep

Tatiana El-Khoury

You can't function without FUN.


U2 Rep

Elia Benchekroun

Using the term “cool” in a chemical engineering context can be misleading, Aastha.

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U3 Rep

Matthew Nohos-Katsaros

*still thinking of a bio*

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U4 Rep

Matt Smrke

I answer to Matt, Matthew, or VP Old People.


Equity and Mental Health Rep

Tinetendo Makata

Feel free to spill your anxiaTEAs with me.

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VP Communications

Tess Seip

VP Comms by day, VP Memes by night.

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VP Engagement

Kenzie Younes

It’s time to engage ChESS, so I figured it’s time to say “I do”.

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VP Internal

Lauriane Cossette

The VP Internal that will bring the E-Week trophy to its rightful owner.

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VP External

Gregory Brock

As RuPaul always says, "you betta netwerk"

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VP Academic

Aastha Goyal

You can't spell SCHOOL without COOL.

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VP Finance

Rahul Behal

Putting the fine in fin(anc)e.

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Hemanshu Anand

Warming-up to lend my Council a hand in 2019-2020.

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