Canadian Society of Chemical Engineers (CSChE)

A national, not-for-profit, professional association that mainly unites chemical engineering students and professors, with some participation from the industry and government.

When is it?

The Canadian Chemical Engineering Conference (CCEC) typically happens in October

Why should I go?

- To support the McGill team at the Hatch Design Plant Competition;

- To meet peers from across Canada and build a strong network;

- To facilitate the exchange of knowledge between students and professors;

- To advocate for ethical and responsible practices;

- To take a break from classes and going on a worthwhile trip to new city in Canada.

Where is it?

This conference takes place in a different city in Canada each year, with past conferences happening in Toronto and Halifax.

Do I have to pay?

ChESS aims to cover 50% to 75% of the costs (lodging, travel, etc), but this depends annually.

How do I sign up?

Talk to your Urep! Sign up is every September!

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